1. Definition
    1.1 “BitNexus” refers to the trading and related services provided by BitNexus Corporation and its affiliates.

1.2 “User” refers to an individual or entity who registers and uses BitNexus’ services.

  1. Service use
    2.1 Users must be at least 18 years old or meet the legal age stipulated in the laws and regulations of their country/region to use BitNexus services.

2.2 Users shall be responsible for providing accurate, true, complete and up-to-date personal information and updating such information in a timely manner.

2.3 Users should keep their account information and passwords safe, and be responsible for all activities under their accounts. Users should notify BitNexus immediately if they suspect that their account security has been compromised.

  1. Trading rules
    3.1 Users must comply with applicable laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, and shall not use BitNexus’ services to engage in any illegal, fraudulent, defrauding, money laundering and other activities.

3.2 Users should understand and bear the fact that there are risks in the trading market, and decide to participate in the transaction by themselves. BitNexus does not assume any responsibility for the user’s trading behavior.

3.3 BitNexus reserves the right to monitor and investigate users’ trading behaviors in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and regulatory requirements.

  1. Fees and Rates
    4.1 Users may need to pay certain fees and rates for using BitNexus’ services. Specific fee and rate information can be viewed on the BitNexus website or related notices.

4.2 BitNexus reserves the right to adjust fees and rates according to market conditions and business development needs. Users will be notified in advance of any adjustments.

  1. Privacy and data security
    5.1 Users’ personal information will be collected, used, stored and disclosed in accordance with BitNexus’ privacy policy. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully for more information.

5.2 BitNexus takes reasonable security measures to protect users’ personal information, but cannot fully guarantee the absolute security of information.

  1. Intellectual property rights
    6.1 BitNexus owns all intellectual property rights contained in its websites, applications and services. Without the explicit authorization of BitNexus, users are not allowed to copy, modify, disseminate or use these intellectual property rights.
  2. Disclaimer
    7.1 Users understand and agree that there are risks when using BitNexus’ services, including but not limited to market risks, system risks and third-party risks.

7.2 BitNexus shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by users’ use of its services, whether direct, indirect, special or incidental loss or damage.

  1. Termination and Suspension
    8.1 BitNexus reserves the right to terminate or suspend users’ access to its services based on its own judgment and the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

8.2 Users can also terminate the use of BitNexus services at any time, but should pay attention to the relevant termination procedures and regulations.

  1. Notification of Changes
    9.1 BitNexus reserves the right to modify, update or change these terms and conditions as required by business development and regulatory requirements.